About the Authors

Maureen Goulet

Crafty, crafty, that is what I have always been — forever making something. When I had my two kids, Carrie and Matthew, it gave me more opportunities for this craftiness to explode! I was making cardboard kitchens, blanket houses, tunnels, papier mâché space stations, gingerbread houses, bunny blankets and much more. 

We got our crafty kids into — what else? — craft fairs where they sold candles, yo-yo balls, dog cookies and even beer bread. They were thrilled to come away with loads of real dough $$. 

Two years of early childhood education, earning a Provincial Instructors diploma, and then running my own cooking school left me with no time for crafts. But now I am once again bursting with crafty ideas and want to share them with you! I like to ‘Be Prepared’ so, in preparation for my grandchildren-to be, Diana and I have poured our creative juices into this fun and useful book.

Diana Budden

I like to regularly remind my children what a marvelous mother they have! 

My own upbringing was in a busy, creative home atmosphere. Television was not an option. Playing games, creating homemade gifts, make-believe and sharing time with grandparents were the order of the day. Consequently, when my own three children were youngsters, I consciously fostered creativity in our home. 

Our family had many moves as the children were growing up. I believe that our times spent together with games, crafts, baking and family outings were instrumental in keeping us close and caring as a family unit. I retain so many good memories of our shared activities. 

At a later stage, I became an Orton Gillingham Tutor, working with dyslexic children at the local school.

A grandma- in-waiting, I keep busy with sports, reading and trying to find humour in everyday life. Working on this book project with Maureen has been a labour of love. We hope you enjoy the results of our efforts!