Granny Get Your Glue Gun is a book written to help grandparents play a more creative role in grandchildren’s lives
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About Granny Get Your Glue Gun
Grandparents play a crucial role in the structure of the family unit, nurturing, educating and provide economical relief for a financially struggling parents. Today’s parents in the U.S. become grandparents at the age of 48. Grandparents today are very active, working and travelling and they have the financial resources to do it all. They are the baby boomers who the world has catered to their whole life. As this age group ages there are more grandparents than ever looking for resources to entertain those grandbabies. The authors have written a book; Granny Get Your Glue Gun, aimed to help grandparents play a more creative role in their grandchildren’s lives. Vibrant photos complement the crafts, baking, games and ‘quick ‘n easy’ sections. As well, there are relaxation suggestions for weary grandparents. Granny Get Your Glue Gun is designed with easy-to-read, clear font, a lay flat binding and comical quotes to keep everyone amused. Everything is aimed at not breaking the grandparent or the bank.
My Thoughts
The bond between children and their grandparents is so special and needs to be nurtured. Children need their grandparents active and involved in their lives! They have so much to teach them, not to mention shower them with love and showing them that they are safe and protected. Grandparents are now more involved more than ever and this is amazing!
Some might be wondering but what do I do with my grandchild when they come to visit? While trips, eating out and shopping are fun, it is not sustainable. Grandparents can’t be breaking the bank every time grandkids come over! Enter: Granny Get Your Glue Gun – the ultimate guide for grandparents on activities to play with their grandkids, crafts and games all around the house.
Some of the activities fall under crafts, working in the kitchen, games and there is even a quick n’ easy section. The book is colour coordinated on the outer edge to help you quickly find the page that you are looking for. Each activity has an age appropriate level and roughly the amount of time that it will require you to complete the craft, etc.. Each activity comes with a complete supply list, helpful tips and step by step instructions. It also includes a full-page photo of the completed activity. From the craft section, my favourite craft had to be the personalized place mat! It is a great keepsake for after your grandchild grows out of it or you can even place it into a frame as a special memory keepsake.
We know children love to bake and cook but it can sometimes be messy! I loved the helpful recipes that were included that are extremely kid friendly and that you know children will love (ice cream cone cupcakes – count me in!).
This is the perfect gift for Grandparents (and even parents – I learned so many new activities and crafts that I tried out with my kids!). It would make an excellent gift for your parents as they embark on a new and exciting stage of their lives as Grandparents!
You can purchase copies of the book on AmazonAmazon CanadaIndigowebsite and at local bookstores (for a complete list of locations, visit here).
Rating: 5/5